Tips For Knowing Malignant Melanoma

Detecting The Spots – Tips For Knowing Malignant Melanoma

Based on the latest statistics you can’t help but wonder if you already have melanoma under your skin as the figures shown that one in five Americans will get melanoma in their lifetime, with the drastic increase comes from cases detected in te middle 90s to early 2000s. Because of that, knowing the early signs that you may be getting melanoma is all the more essential and here’s how to find out.

Melanoma, especially malignant kind is the most dangerous type of skin cancer with the outlook very much depends on what stage you’re in – the earlier you know, the higher chances to cure the disease completely.

Once the cancer had metastasized on later stages the treatment will be difficult as cancer cells have spread throughout entire body.

Detecting melanoma can be done with a simple tip – if you notice the itchiness on the mole (worse, scratching the mole causes blood to come out) that simply won’t go away, mole that have their own texture (scaly, bumpy, or simply rigid), or perhaps the mole you’ve been having for years suddenly change the way it looks (size, color, or even height), probably now is the time for you to get by the experts.

Other popular and handy guidance is the use of acronym ABCDE’s to check any unusual signs of bodily mole. Asymmetry of the mole, irregular shape or jagged Borders,  unusual Color (especially that mole have several colors), Diameter of the mole, as well as Evolving kind of mole (any looking mole was supposed to stay put).

These signs can happen practically anywhere on the body (as long as it’s on the skin!), and they frequently occur on the face (especially the nose), arms, chest, or even at the bottom of your feet.

If you think you’re susceptible to get melanoma, keep in mind that these factors may increase the chances of melanoma in you: having fair skin, spent a lot of time outdoors (particularly during the sun rays are the most intense), or have a couple of sunburn cases when you’re young.

Because melanoma can be dangerous in a flash, regular screening is must have the odds to heal in your favor, preferably once in a month. And while you’re at it, daily application of sunscreen  is the ultimate essential to protect your skin at all times.

So don’t fret at the statistics mentioned above – it can be super helpful for you to know the earliest signs and spots of melanoma and you can increase your chances to heal from it completely, should you have one.