Bioflavonoids – The Secret To A More Youthful Looking Skin

Did you know that there’s a new vitamin called vitamin P, and it gives a wonderful effect to your skin? I’m kidding, vitamin P is actually bioflavonoids and I am not kidding that they’re truly wonderful for your skin. Read on to find out more.

As mentioned before, vitamin P is actually a tree term for 4000 different and naturally occurring bioflavonoids (which can also be called as flavonoids) exist in plants. Bioflavonoids are plant metabolites, responsible to create vibrant color in fruits and veggies, supporting various mechanisms in the plant, and of course, helping our skin to look younger for longer.

Generally speaking, bioflavonoids works to protect the skin from various stressors (such as radiation, pollution, bad stuff you eat, and etc.) that indirectly forms free radicals in your body by neutralizing it, hence stopping the chain reaction that causes exponential damage to your body and skin (the reason why your skin ages faster).

And unfortunately, unlike other anti-aging components that are naturally made in our bodies, bioflavonoids are only available from plants.

Three of the most common bioflavonoids are rutin, hesperidin, and quercetin – known for their ability to reverse aging signs, heal pigmentations, as well as healing spider veins on the skin. Rutin heals spider veins by boosting healthy blood circulation as well as making the blood cells relatively thinner, hence increasing the effectiveness for the blood cells to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

Hesperidin inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase (responsible for the skin to produce melanin) so yeah, indirectly you have brighter and more even skin tone. Quercetin on the other hand, works together with your own’s natural antioxidants (such as glutathione) and preventing them from damaged caused by UV rays. Quercetin also helps to improve skin’s overall elasticity, hence reducing wrinkles.

Now, you know how these bioflavonoids help your quest in getting younger and the next thing to consider is how to get them?

A good diet rich in these nutrients is always a good start. Load up with plenty of vibrant-colored fruits and veggies such as broccoli, red and green peppers, strawberries, citrusy fruits, (weirdly) garlic, and even green tea. These foods are sure is delicious and no doubt should be part of your daily habits in order to get and maintain your skin as young as you can be for years.

And yes, you can also get these vitamin Ps in in skin care products – the key is to choose vitamin C based products that have vitamin P as the supplementing ingredient. It’s because bioflavonoids works for the skin, as well as enhancing the absorption of vitamin C, which also helps to solve various skin issues (uneven skin tone, wrinkles, spots, scars, you name it).

I’m guessing you won’t be looking bioflavonoids-rich foods the same anymore, now that you know how it can work wonders to give your skin the most youthful and healthy glow that you deserve.