Caffeine Can Be Good For Your Skin

How Caffeine Can Be Good For Your Skin

Ever wonder what used to be getting a dose of caffeine in your java, caffeine is now to be a one of the popular ingredients in skin care, thanks to its various benefits to your skin. Here’s a compact sheet how caffeine is made right for your skin.

Caffeine is basically a type of alkaloid – a stimulant kind of drug, which means can be addictive if taken excessively (but not to worry as we’re talking about caffeine in skin care).

The use of the stimulant in skin care comes from the fact that caffeine actually contains antioxidants and polyphenols – which obviously means it’s the perfect companion to neutralize free radicals from causing havocs on your skin – and these antioxidants are somewhat stronger than in plain green tea (which I supposes the reason to switch to green drink to reduce addictive effects of caffeine).

Hence why caffeine is used a lot in anti-aging results, with combination with retinol as the dynamic duo in youthful skin.

A notable breakthrough is the use of caffeine in as the key ingredient in eye cream in a number of brands (from L’oreal to Garnier) as they have promising results in clinical findings that caffeine is potent enough to repair and rejuvenate aging skin in eye area, as they’re prone to age more easily.

As caffeine in a cup can sure stimulate to wake you up in the morning, it also works to perk up your skin as well, since caffeine has the ability to reduce inflammation  significantly and constrict tiny capillaries, as well as reducing pigmentations to minimize the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and sagging skin – which in a way, a very beneficial property in treating rosacea, as well as aging skin woes.

And ironically, caffeine’s diuretic effect has been put into good use by drawing out extra fluid from fat cells to improve overall appearance due to a compound called theophylline, particularly in the eye.

The property mentioned above also serves well when a good dose of caffeine is included in anti-cellulite creams, by reducing fat cells in cellulite area as far as 17%.

While getting a good pampering from ‘caffeinated’ skin care products is sure is nice, home remedies containing caffeine also work well (although a bit longer) and all you need is to mix a good amount of coffee grounds (what else a source of caffeine near you?) and use it to scrub your skin, both your face and body. Rub the grains raw in circular motions to exfoliate the skin from dead cells, improving overall circulation, and reducing the cellulite’s appearance considerably.

Yes, as tea have a gentle amount of caffeine, you can use cooled tea bags and place them over your eyes (closed, please), compressing them gently for your eyes to absorb the coolness. Notice how your eyes seem a lot more awake after a session.

Why not give it a go? Who knows a shot of caffeine for the eyes is way better to perk up your whole look.